Organic Clothing

on Wednesday, 27 June 2012. Posted in Clothes

Cotton is the most popular material used for clothing. It accounts for over 50% of global textile sales. However, conventional cotton is very damaging to the environment. Organic cotton clothing is the way to go!

Some of our imaginations picture organic clothing as being like hessian sacks – not very fashionable! But organic cotton clothing looks exactly the same as conventional clothing. The added benefits of organic clothing are that it tends to be softer, more comfortable, and durable.

Organic Kids Clothes

on Wednesday, 27 June 2012. Posted in Clothes

More and more parents are passionate and committed to protecting the earth and its precious resources. Their desire is to not only maintain our natural environment for our current generation, but also to preserve the world for future generations. Buying organic children’s clothing helps to create a lifestyle that is healthy, natural and sustainable. Let’s create a generation of eco kids.

Creating a natural lifestyle is also of great benefit to your child. Organic cotton t-shirts are healthier for your child, because they are free from hash chemicals and toxins. Organic cotton won’t irritate your eco child’s skin or cause allergy. My Heart Beats Green’s eco kids’ t-shirts are really comfortable, feel better on the skin, are softer, clean well, and will last longer – 100% organic cotton.