10 Reasons to Choose Organic Cotton

Reduces environmental pollution and damage
Organic cotton is free from the toxic chemicals that are sprayed on conventional cotton.  Pesticides pollute our land, air, and water. Whereas, organic cotton leaves a lighter environmental footprint.

 Higher Quality Fabric and Clothing

Organic clothing is often more durable. It wears really well, keeps it shape and looks great after many wears and washes.  Invest in a water and energy efficient washing machine and line dry to care for your eco fashion.

Softer Fabric
Organic cotton and organic clothing is really soft.  It keeps its softness for longer because it doesn’t have any chemicals.  It also breathes and helps to regulate our body temperature.

Saves Energy
Farming techniques for organic cotton are fundamentally different.  Organic farming relies on the soil to produce a productive crop, this saves energy compared to using planes and tractors to fertilize cotton plants with chemicals.

Reduces Genetically Modified Cotton
When buying organic clothing and eco fashion, you can be assured that the cotton crops are free from genetic modification.  There is something inherently good creating demand for a natural product.

Supports Sustainable Agriculture
Organic cotton farming relies on the quality of the soil to produce a healthy crop rather than toxic chemicals.  By buying organic clothing you are supporting sustainable agriculture and helping to create healthy living soil.

Protects Water Quality
25% of the world’s use of pesticides is sprayed onto conventional cotton.  Some of this toxic pesticide ends up in the waterways, which can be the primary source of drinking water, and therefore harm people’s health.   

Protects the Health of Agricultural Workers
Research has shown that conventional cotton farmers exposed to pesticides had a cancer risk six times greater than non-farmers.  This is particularly prevalent in developing countries where pesticide use is poorly regulated.

Creates a Sustainable Economy
Although people might love a bargain when buying cheap conventional cotton, the true cost of this clothing is often hidden.  By buying organic clothing and eco fashion, you are helping to create an economy that is sustainable for the long term.

Creates a Sustainable Environment
We will leave a legacy for future generations.  By choosing eco fashion and organic cotton, you are choosing to protect our environment so that future generations can enjoy the same or better quality of life from our natural resources.   

Take a consumer vote – choose organic cotton and organic clothing for you and your family.