Why choose organic T-shirts?

Organic cotton is the most popular of the organic fabrics, and is experiencing a growing demand.  People recognise the benefits that organic cotton has for the environment and our health.  Also, organic cotton is a high quality fabric – soft, durable and sustainable. Organic cotton is much better for our health because it doesn’t have all of the chemicals that conventional cotton does.  Chemicals that can irritate our skin and can be absorb by our skin. Babies’ skin is much thinner than adults, and is more sensitive to the chemicals found in clothing.  Organic cotton is a much better option for our health.   For example, the perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) that are in the non-stick additive Teflon are now found in clothing because it makes them last longer and wrinkle free.  PFCs has been found to be cancer causing.

Most man-made fabrics contain chemicals. The chemicals, including formaldehyde, are applied for various reasons such as:  make fibres suitable for spinning and weaving; prevent shrinkage; colouring; fire-retardant; moth repellent; and stain resistant.  Some chemicals used in non-organic clothing have been linked to health problems including cancer, immune system damage, behavioural problems and hormone disruption.  Synthetic materials also “off-gas” from the time you start wearing them; they release small amounts of chemicals that are absorbed through the skin and lungs, which can cause cancer and neurological disorders.

So, a few suggestions to keep you and your family healthy in organic clothing:

·         Buy eco fashion. Some options include: organic cotton, flax, hemp, silk, wool and linen.

·         Choose organic clothing when possible.

·         Avoid “easy care”, flame-retardant and synthetic clothing.

·         Once making the choose to buy organic cotton clothes, help to keep them healthy by washing them in environmentally friendly washing detergent – free from petroleum solvents, fragrances and dyes. 

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