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My Heart Beats Green has been proudly making organic cotton clothing in Brisbane for over 6 years. We are regularly asked 'why organic clothing? We understand organic food is important but does organic clothing really matter?' We think so, but it is up to the person buying the clothing to decide if they care enough to choose organic clothing. If every person increased the number of organic clothing items they purchased by one, the collective purchasing power would shift the way our community thinks about clothing and how it is made. Organics could become the big switch.

The True Cost of a Cotton T-Shirt
According to a recently published Danish study, there might be few products less sustainable than a cotton T-shirt. The study, funded by Denmark's Ministry of the Environment, assessed that one cotton tee cost the planet AUD3.90. This cost considered the water use, pesticides and herbicides, fertilizers and energy costs necessary to produce one t-shirt. So, next time you seen a "bargain" priced t-shirt, maybe think about the true cost for transportation, labour, shop overheads, and the cost to our planet. How is this cheap t-shirt really being paid for?

As a crop, non-organic cotton is thoroughly contaminated with pesticide and chemicals. As an example, even though cotton occupies only about 2.4% of arable land in the world, it accounts for 25% of global insecticide sales – the highest of all agricultural products.
Skin is the body's largest organ and absorbs what we put on it and next to it. "Easy care" garments are saturated by chemicals, including formaldehyde, triclosan and preflourinated chemicals. Formaldehyde is used to eliminate wrinkles, static, odour and bacteria from clothes. Formaldehyde is toxic and known to cause cancer, skin ulcerations, heart palpitations, eczema, and asthma. The US Environmental Protection Agency classifies preflourinated chemicals (fabric stain-resistant) as cancer-causing agents. Triclosan is used to prevent bacteria for clothing such as for athletic wear. Do we really want these toxic chemicals rubbing up against our skin?

So what about bamboo? Don't get me started on this one, it's a far from friendly eco-textile. Read this:

But organic is not only beneficial for our health. It is also about being conscious of the chemicals contaminating our land by being sprayed into the soil and washed into our waterways and oceans. Cotton is typically grown and manufactured while providing poor working conditions. The farmers are exposed to the pesticide-laden fields and many working in the manufacturing industry are poorly paid and work in less than ideal factories.

Considering the short-term life of many items of fashionable clothing – is this really worth it?

Buy Aussie made. We live in a country with a minimum wage and good working conditions. Buying clothing made in Australia is helping to promote what we would all want for ourselves and our families.

There is growing awareness and interest in organic clothing. Rocker Neil Young recently took a stand against non-organic cotton, giving away organic cotton T-shirts in order to bring awareness to the issues surrounding conventional cotton.

Hopefully this article has prompted some interest in how your clothes are made, what's in the garments you wear next to your skin, and ultimately, how you feel wearing them. The solution is simple: Care about what you wear.
Care about what you wear?

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Reasons to buy Organic Baby Clothes Wholesale

Reasons to Buy Organic Baby Clothes Wholesale

With so many people becoming more environmentally conscious these days, it’s probably safe to assume that the majority of people hear the word “organic” relatively often. However, far too many people don’t yet realize that organic can and should refer to more than just food. In fact, organic baby wear is becoming an especially big deal within environmentally conscious circles.

Wholesale baby clothing made of organic cotton comes alongside many benefits when you choose to make it your choice for your little one. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important advantages, as this is about so much more than simply preserving the environment.

Protect your child’s sensitive skin.

All babies have sensitive skin that can be prone to irritation. Not only is it really important to be mindful of the lotions and powders you use on your baby for that reason, but you really need to be careful of the clothes you dress your little one in as well. Ordinary clothing can contain chemicals and irritants that can easily be absorbed into a baby’s body, as well as dry out their delicate skin. Organic onesies and other organic items for your baby will keep your baby snug while also keeping them safe from harmful toxins.

Reduce the likelihood of your baby developing allergies.

It’s actually quite common for babies to develop nasty allergies to all kinds of things, including chemicals and trace pesticides that can be found in non-organic clothing. When you make the commitment to switch to organic baby wear made of organic cotton, you’re drastically reducing the chances of your baby coming down with skin-related allergies of his own.

Get better quality clothing for lower prices.

Buying organic baby clothes wholesale is a great way to get so much more value for your dollar. Baby clothes can be expensive, so you want the ones you buy to last as long as possible. What the mainstream clothing manufacturers don’t want you to know is that the chemicals their items are treated with, can actually cause clothing to break down more quickly. This means that organic baby wear is not only safer, but more durable. When you buy wholesale, you get even more bang for your hard-earned buck.

Choosing a great organic clothing vendor.

Once you’ve decided to make the switch to organic baby clothing once and for all, it’s time to find a reliable vendor you can trust. Consider an option like My Heart Beats Green. They specialize in creating hip, modern organic onesies and other options for baby, as well as clothing to suit the entire family. All items are made in Australia from 100% organic cotton. Plus, the cotton used is certified according to the Control Union’s official standards, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a safe, good quality product you can trust.

Step into an environmentally conscious life once and for all when you choose to buy organic baby clothes wholesale today! You and your little one will both be glad you did.

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Cool T-shirts

What to Look for in Your Next Batch of Cool T-Shirts

The clothing pieces we choose to wear are so much more than just something to keep us warm and protected against the elements. It’s also a way to make a powerful statement about who you are. That said, it’s important to make sure your choices are always in line with your lifestyle. If you’re into environmental consciousness and green living, then that should mean choosing organic t-shirts over the alternatives.

Deciding to go organic with your everyday wear is more than just a great way to support the sustainable lifestyle you believe in. It’s also about making a commitment to settle for nothing but the best in terms of quality. Let’s take a closer look at how you can benefit from going green with your next set of t-shirts.

Hypo-Allergenic and Safe to Wear

Organic t-shirts aren’t just made of material that’s in line with a sustainable modern lifestyle. They’re also a terrific choice for people who have sensitive skin or who suffer from skin allergies. Traditionally produced clothing is not only made from cotton and other fabrics that have been treated with harmful pesticides, but it’s been treated with synthetic dyes and other harsh chemicals during the manufacturing process.

This could easily add up to problems like itchy skin, dryness, and rashes. If you’re prone to skin allergies, than you could easily wind up developing long-term issues related to the chemicals in your clothing. Going organic will prevent this from happening to you or anyone else in your family.

Superior Quality

Organic clothing is almost always better made than anything you can buy that’s traditionally produced. Not only is the fabric going to be of better quality, but the absence of harmful chemicals means that your shirts will actually last longer. Many factory dyes and chemicals actually harm the fibers clothing is made from, meaning they break down more quickly and don’t have as long a life as their organic cousins.

There’s a wealth of thought, quality, and creativity that goes into the designing process of many organic t-shirts as well. Many of our T-shirts display creative images using DTG direct digital printing or screen printing.

Cost Consciousness

We’re living in a day and age when no one can afford to waste their hard-earned money. Not only does making the switch to organic clothing ensure that your clothes will last longer and need to be replaced less often, but when you choose to buy wholesale t-shirts, you save even more money. Choose a reliable vendor that specializes in offering organic wholesale t-shirts at terrific prices and comes attached to a solid reputation. My Heart Beats Green is a terrific example.

At the end of the day, getting your hands on cool t-shirts that are not only trendy and comfortable, but also environmentally sound and affordable isn’t rocket science. It just requires a little know-how.

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Sustainable fashion: less is more


As each generation passes, we have very different attitudes to many things in life – one of which is fashion.  Previous generations would “invest” in good quality clothing, which would serve them well for many years.  Nowadays, we have an approach to fashion that is very “disposable”.  Younger generations buy clothes that are cheap, not great quality, only last for one season, and then get thrown out.