Payment Options

Welcome to My Heart Beats Green and thanks for shopping with us. We're here to help make shopping easy for you. Once you have added the items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart and you’re ready to finalise your purchase, click cart, then check out. You can pay by PayPal or direct deposit (EFT) to our bank account.

At this point that you can either:

  • login for a faster checkout if you’re an existing member, or
  • complete the purchase by registering your details. Become a member by clicking the ‘Create an Account’ on the checkout page.

What is PayPal and how do I register?

PayPal is the web's most trusted payment method. For your convenience, we accept PayPal as a payment option. You will need to register your details with PayPal. As part of this process you decide on a password so that you are the only one who can access your PayPal account. The advantages for you are:

  • ease of payment via Credit Card
  • ability to pay in your local currency
  • you pay no fees to PayPal
  • you have a record of your payment

How secure is my personal information?

We are strongly committed to protecting your privacy and providing a safe and secure online shopping experience for our customers. All the information which is sent to PayPal is sent securely (ie all the data is encrypted) so that even if intercepted by anyone while passing across the Internet, the information cannot be extracted. Only PayPal can decipher the data. PayPal uses "SSL security" which is the industry standard way to send sensitive information in a highly encrypted form across the Internet. Virtually all on-line stores and banks use this same system.

Do prices include GST?

Yes - all prices are displayed in Australian Dollars, including GST.